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Hi and thanks for shopping @ Jang'Ka !

Our Earrings or piercings are Copy, No mod, and No Trans. Resizing
Earrings 2015 :

Majunga Earrings : Feathers, leather and beads, the perfect wild look
Sangharta Earrings : They exist in the 12 Zodiac signs and 2 rares Gold and Silver.
Solar Earrings : They exist in the 10 planets and 2 rares Stars and Galaxy
Olympia Earrings : All the Olympic gods in nice earrings.
Axatlan Earrings : The Maya Gods in nice earrings, feathers, gold and silver, gems...11 common and 2 rares.

Try to collect them all XD

NO Refund !
If you have some questions about the items contact us via NC (please, don't forget to put the name of your character in the title of the NC) .

If you have a suggestion or ideas about other earrings, you can send a NC to the creator

EthanBlackWolf Resident.

Enjoy! ♥
Jang'Ka Design


If you need an traduction on the blog, or help with naviguation, please don't contact the creator of Jang'Ka Design products, but use the "Contact me" pannel.

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